Premium ticket

(privilege to enter Fri, Jan 11 between 2:00pm and 7:00pm)

Advance purchase:  3,000 yen
At the door:  3,500 yen (Flat fee for all ages)

(good for Sat, Jan 12 or Sun, Jan 13)

Advance purchase:
   2,000 yen (adult only)
At the door:
   2,500 yen (Adult)
   1,800 yen (junior 13 to 18)

* Children 12 and under are free (must be accompanied by an adult).

Online Ticket Service

Get your TOKYO AUTO SALON ticket from around the world!
Tickets are available by "TOKYO AUTO SALON ONLINE TICKET".
You can buy tickets by credit card and simply print it out at home!
- No additional cost needed.
- Please print and bring your ticket.
* You need to prepare PC-Printer to print A4 size paper.

  Print at Home - Print out ticket on confirmation page after purchase or print out from a link in order confirmation email.

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