The Grand Prix winning custom cars!2011.01.24

We have chosen the Custom car Grand Prix in 2011!

Come and check all the winning cars for eight categories.

Click here!



We sincerely appreciate for your visiting!2011.01.16

TOKYO AUTO SALON 2011 with NAPAC was over successfully. We sincerely appresicate for your visit for thees three days. Also, we hope you have enjoyed visiting our website!

It will be 30th anniversary in 2012!

We hope you would come enjoy even more exciting AUTO SALON a year later!

[spectators report]

January 16th, Sunday : 107,243 (104,832 last year)

Total(14-16th) : 243,077(237,954 last year)

Center lock! Forged aluminium one piece wheel from BBS.2011.01.15

Well know with its high quality wheels, BBS has introduced forged aluminium one piece wheel for Porsche GT3. Front 8.5J*19, rear 12J*19. Come and check at BBS booth at Hall2 in West area.


More spectators first day2011.01.15

We have little more spectators on 14th, Friday.

January 14th, Friday: 47,907

(46,065 lastyear)

What's this....?2011.01.14

The first day of the AUTO SALON is over now. Here we show you some of the "unidentified vehicles" we found. We won't tell you the answers so do come and check those mysterious vehicles.

Here's the first one.

The front grill and bumper Look like AUDI. Wide fenders and gullwings. What's is this vehicle based on?

The second.

Looks like Z33 at front, but really different at rear!

And here's the last one.

It's just like a Porshce, but based on Japanese sportcar!

Please come and check those front-swap cars and guess what's the base is!

Mercedes SLS AMG at Gran Turismo!2011.01.14

The most popular racing simulater Gran Turismo put their booth at hall 8 in East block. We found the latest supersport, Mercedes SLS AMG!
Come and feel the latest Gran Turismo and SLS AMG.


TOKYO AUTO SALON 2011 with NAPAC, just start now !2011.01.14

TOKYO AUTO SALON 2011 with NAPAC, just start now , with 361 exhibitors and 626 machines in total!

It is open to public from 13:00 today 14th, Friday. It's open from 9:00am tommorow and the day after tommorow(15th&16th).

We are waiting for your visit!